Testimonials 1

Excellent management skills and a can-do attitude. Aaron can solve problems that other can’t.

Daniel Scott
Director of Analytics, SEAMS

When asked to be part of Aaron’s team to deliver transformation in a GOC I knew two things… Firstly, that I was working with the right Person who has the knowledge skills experience and commitment to see the transformation through and secondly, that the team would be led by an individual who actually knows how to lead to achieve the right outcomes but not at the expense of his team! I had zero hesitation in coming onboard with Aaron. He is a true professional who focuses on the strategic requirements and ensures that the transformation gaps are filled with hi-fidelity collateral and fit for purpose process.

Ian Biggs
Program Manager, Tabcorp

Aaron’s insight into the practical application of project management theory was invaluable in successfully achieving PMO certification

Mitchell Pratt
Business Manager, Electricon

The manner in which Aaron and his team managed their works was a breath of fresh-air in removing problems from my own workload rather than creating more.

Martin Bassett
Independent Consultant

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